R2 Leading Global Standard

  • Protecting People
  • Protecting the Planet
  • Preserving Resources

  • As of 2012, 41% of the world’s households are connected to the internet.
  • More than half are in developing regions of the world.

  • Emphasis on Resource Management rather than on Waste Management.
  • Greater adherence to the Reuse-Recycle hierarchy, recognized as most environmentally beneficial.
  • Policies & requirements that achieve more environmentally and economically sustainable outcomes.

The R2 Standard requires compliance with all international laws and legal requirements.

R2 certified facilities, as well as the downstream vendors in their recycling chain, must comply with all legal requirements regarding environmental protection, worker health and safety, and export of reusable electronic equipment.

Protection for your confidential data.

The R2 Standard requires protection of confidential and personally identifiable information on electronic devices, and adherence to the top industry standards for data sanitization. Protect people and the planet, AND reduce your client’s risk of data breaches, environmental liability, and damage to company brand.

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More reuse opportunity for devices & parts.

Because reuse is the most environmentally beneficial option, the R2 Standard allows tested equipment that is in good working condition to be exported for reuse when legally permissible. This includes working devices with minor defects, such as laptops that may have a shortened battery life.

Most globally accepted e-cycling standard.

Protection for your bottom line. Using an R2 certified company can reduce your risk of environmental liability, data breaches, and damage to your brand resulting from improper management of your used and surplus equipment. With R2 certified facilities operating in 21 countries ( with more in process), R2 is positively changing how the world recycles electronics.

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Bottom Line:

The R2 Standard’s emphasis on safe and sustainable reuse is the most environmentally beneficial solution, making R2 the better choice. R2 Certified recyclers comply with the highest industry standards developed by the EPA, major equipment manufacturers and recyclers to protect the environment, workers and data security. R2 Certified… protection for people, the planet and your business.

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