We are the market leader in recertified, brand name computers, notebooks, LCD’s and servers. But we also provide installation and disposition services, logistic help and much more. We can help you realize and meet your technology goals!

Aside from the fact that a refurbished computer takes practically no energy or material to refurbish (diverting tons of toxic ma-terial from landfills) we are also an R2 certified recycler. Nothing ends up in a landfill or 3rd world country.

At Coretek we take pride in our extensive industry experience and long list of satisfied customers. With our R2 certification, you can be safe in knowing that your IT assets are being managed by a company that has demonstrated they have an environmental management system in place to properly recycle materials. Our r2 certification shows our dedication to consistently providing products and services that meet our customers’ needs as well as providing exceptional customer service.

We are proud of the level of loyalty our customers show us. We’ve received many compliments about our great products and amazing customer service and warranties.

It is the Coretek process that takes our standards to new levels, distinguishing us from other vendors and guaranteeing lower failure rates than brand new computers.

There are plenty of people who would definitely consider buying a pre-owned car, but who wouldn’t dream of buying a refurbished computer system. And they may think they have plenty of reasons for feeling that way. However, these reasons are often based on misconceptions about used equipment that simply don’t hold up under close scrutiny.

Refurbished computers, of the same brands and models you are used to, cost less than half of an equivalent brand new unit. We’ve worked with thousands of organizations across North America and have created processes built for speed and quality. In addition to our transparent policies we also offer custom imaging, logistic help and more to help to you save precious time ordering and maintaining your computers.

Although computers have gradually become more reliable, the failure rates of brand-new machines are still quite high compared to the same equipment that has been Coretek Refurbished.


Our technicians perform a visual inspection to spot missing face-plates, cosmetic damage, loose fittings, and more.


Units are placed on our conveyor line and are powered up to ensure no immediate and obvious failures occurred during receiving.


With custom diagnostic software, each unit connects to our testing server so every single component can be checked and verified. This ensures all components are working and the unit has the same original components it was manufactured with (for proper imaging).


Each computer gets a unit asset tag number that is labeled, bar coded, and scanned in our system. This lets us track every component, technician who tested it and any other pertinent information like service work, custom upgrades, quality assurance, and more.