Medical Sector

Coretek is committed to providing the highest level of security with regard to all electronic media acquired from our end-user clients.

We maintain the security of our end-user clients’ data and can meet any individual customer requirement(s) with regard to data security, overwriting of drives, and the eradication of data.

Coretek, an R2/RIOS Certified Company,  ensures that data remaining on devices is destroyed through sanitization or physical destruction methods which conform to our Certification protocols.

In addition to specific data destruction, provision (8) of the R2 Standard, these standards both include provisions which require the identification of and conformance to all relevant legal requirements to include, HIPPA compliance.

All Data destruction methods utilized by Coretek conform to NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization.

Coretek Data destruction is validated internally and by and independent third-party auditors during annually-conducted, accredited registrar audits to ensure conformity to internal and customer requirements, R2/RIOS requirements and NIST 800-88 Guidelines.

Internal validation records and audit reports are available to our end-user clients.


Coretek Enterprises, LLC will perform the following tasks specific to a de-installation/disposal project:

·         Provide a serialized technical audit and piece-count confirmation of all assets received.

·         Remove/pull all applicable hard drives for destruction using an industrial shredding process under strict compliance guidelines set by NIST and DOD standards.


1.    Coretek will ensure that all equipment is always attended by a Company employee or, contracted third-party carriers’ driver and is physically secured from unauthorized access.

2.    At the time electronic media is transferred from the Customer’s custody to the custody of Coretek employees or a third-party carrier, the Customer is provided with a Bill of Lading (BOL) or Service Order indicating the type and quantity, if known at the time otherwise the number of pallets and a description of the material will be listed.


All electronic media is securely contained during transfer from the Customer’s custody to the vehicle to prevent potential loss.

Coretek will ensure that third-party transporters comply with all mandated Federal DOT PHSMA GPS/ELD requirements.

GPS/ELD tracking is utilized and is an extremely accurate form of carrier integration which allows us our vendor to receive all required stop and in-transit updates at intervals up to every 15 minutes. This assures us that electronic equipment is transported directly to our secure facility.

Coretek will further ensure the security and control of equipment in transport through requiring use of tamper evident seals or locks.

Transportation insurance is maintained that exceeds the industry average.

In keeping with our demonstratable commitment to the provision of first-class services, our management team ensures the deployment of all of the resources necessary to assure that logistics and transportation services are conducted promptly, professionally and securely.