Medical Sector

Coretek is dedicated to safeguarding the security of all electronic media acquired from our clients, both on medical and IT equipment. Our stringent protocols uphold the integrity of our clients’ data. Additionally, we can customize our procedures to meet each client’s unique data security requirements.

As an R2/RIOS Certified Company, Coretek guarantees the elimination of data on devices, adhering to sanitization or physical destruction methods that comply with provision (8) of the R2 Standard. We also ensure conformance to all relevant legal requirements, including HIPPA compliance. Finally, we safeguard our healthcare institution clients from potential PHI (personal health information) breaches.

Our data destruction methods align with the NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization. These procedures are audited both internally and externally by independent auditors during annual, accredited registrar audits. These audits verify our adherence to internal and customer requirements, R2/RIOS mandates, and NIST 800-88 Guidelines. These validation reports are included in our comprehensive audit report and are a core component of what makes Coretek stand out from the competition.

Chain of custody security is of utmost importance at Coretek. Our process ensures that each asset is always under the watchful eye of either a Company employee or a vetted contracted third-party carrier. This vigilant supervision works to prevent any unauthorized access.

When the custody of electronic media is transferred from our client to us, a thorough process is undertaken. We issue a Bill of Lading (BOL) or Service Order to our clients, offering a clear record of the type and quantity of material transferred. This step provides our clients with transparency and reassures them of the careful handling of their assets.

During the transfer process, we prioritize secure packaging for every piece of electronic media to eliminate potential loss. Additionally, we ensure that third-party transporters are compliant with all federally mandated DOT PHSMA GPS/ELD requirements. These steps add an extra layer of security to our transfer process.

The utilization of GPS/ELD tracking bolsters our transportation process. With real-time updates at 15-minute intervals, we maintain full oversight of the direct transportation of assets to our secure facility.

To further enhance security during transit, we mandate the use of tamper-evident seals or locks. Our transportation insurance significantly surpasses the industry average, offering additional peace of mind.

Lastly, our management team ensures prompt, professional, and secure logistics and transportation services. They dedicate all necessary resources to uphold our high standards. Trust in Coretek for your end-of-life medical equipment and IT asset management needs.


Key points:

  • We guarantee the elimination of all data through our R2/RIOS and HIPPA compliant processes.
  • Coretek provides constant supervision for all equipment to prevent unauthorized access.
  • We provide clear documentation of the transfer of electronic media from client to us.
  • Every piece of electronic media is securely packaged during transfer, with adherence to DOT PHSMA GPS/ELD requirements.
  • Real-time tracking is employed for direct and secure transportation to our facility.
  • We enforce the use of tamper-evident seals or locks during transit and uphold superior transportation insurance.
  • Coretek’s management team guarantees prompt and professional services, ensuring the secure handling of end-of-life medical equipment and IT assets.