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Coretek Enterprises LLC
We are the market leader in recertified, brand name computers, notebooks, LCD’s and servers. We provide installation and disposition services, logistic help and much more.
We are Certified Recyclers!
A refurbished computer takes practically no energy or material to refurbish (diverting tons of toxic ma-terial from landfills) we are also an R2 certified recycler. Nothing ends up in a landfill or 3rd world country.
Our Sources:
We create high value for our clients by providing our “sources” of equipment – IT leasing companies, Fortune 500 Companies, original equipment manufacturers, Colleges, Universities, K-12’s etc.
IT Asset Management
For over 15 years, we’ve been helping thousands of clients across North America save money on their IT budget. We do this by giving you access to the full computer market.

Loyal Costumers

We are proud of the level of loyalty our customers show us. We’ve received many compliments about our great products and amazing customer service and warranties.


With Coretek as your partner, you can dramatically lower the cost of the technology you bring into your facilities, while relying on the highest quality of equipment and customer service.


We look to support your goal of providing your students with a solid technology curriculum while maximizing both your computer technology and your organization’s technology budget.

Logistics Services

Coretek moves thousands of assets each month. We provide a wide range of equipment transportation and equipment disposal services. We provide data destruction and environmentally correct recycling services.

Coretek Enterprises: