About Us

Coretek is the market leader in the management, reconditioning, disposition and remarketing of lease-term, retired and excess Information Technology Assets.

Who we are?

Coretek creates high value for its clients by providing its “sources” of equipment – IT leasing companies, Fortune 500 Companies, original equipment manufacturers, Colleges, Universities, K-12’s – with efficiencies and savings in time, administrative costs, personnel and capital required for residual fair market value recovery.

Across the full range of office-technology assets – computers, servers, printers, copiers, telephony gear and networking equipment, Coretek provides a complete, single-source solution for asset management that achieves maximum residual recovery. We accomplish this through our market expertise and experience, economies of scale and best practices in asset management/recovery, including: logistics, auditing, testing, reporting, refurbishing, repackaging, cleaning, and remarketing.

We have made significant investment in dedicated warehousing /processing facilities, information systems, sales and marketing channels, diagnostic and repair equipment, technical people and training, and both proprietary and partner web sites. Accordingly, Coretek recovers residual asset values far more effectively and efficiently than end-user asset owners can do either on their own or through a typical multi-tiered chain of equipment re-furbishers, brokers, resellers and service providers.

Coretek provides a full solution as a single point of contact, enabling asset owners to focus on their core business while saving money and enjoying maximum fair market value return on their original equipment investments.

We are the market leader in recertified, brand name computers, notebooks, LCD's and servers.

We also provide installation and disposition services, logistic help and much more. We can help you realize and meet your technology goals.